What mediation provides

When relationships end there is often an overwhelming amount to sort out

At Forum Mediation we are accredited mediators and are legally aware in aspects of family law. We can provide you with the information you need, but are not allowed to give legal advice.

Whether you're married or not, when a relationship is over there is often an overwhelming amount of things to be sorted. How are the children going to continue to see both parents? What about accommodation? Who owns what? What about joint savings or debts? Mediation provides a safe environment to help you do this.



Safeguarding checks will always be carried out prior to starting mediation and continue throughout the process. Mediators will be aware of any power imbalances, intimidation and abuse. Mediation will be terminated if it starts to become abusive.

What mediation provides:

• Immediate help when things need to be sorted.
• A safe place to resolve differences at your own pace.
• A way to make a new start at finding solutions without pressure from family and friends.
• The opportunity to find solutions that will last, particularly as both sides are involved in making the agreements.
• Written records of agreements you reach together.
• A cost-effective, business-like environment to address the problems.
• An environment that believes parents are the best people to make decisions about their children.
• The opportunity to create a detailed “parenting plan” helping to cover all eventualities.
• The chance to show your children that their parents can work together when making decisions about them.
• The chance for your children to have a voice, but not be part of the decision-making.
• A chance for you to have a future free from arguments and stress.

If you are planning to divorce, the legally aware mediator can help draw up an open financial statement and work with you on proposals that can be made legally binding in your divorce. This document is called a Memorandum of Understanding and is the basis for consent orders in divorce.

Evidence proves that people willing to give mediation a try find the process results in issues being resolved quicker, in a less expensive/cost effective environment, where the mediator takes seriously what you feel and want to happen.