Separation, Divorce & Child Arrangements

Research shows agreements made in mediation last longer & are better for children than those imposed on parties in court

At Forum Mediation we are accredited mediators and are legally aware in aspects of family law. We can provide you with information, but are not allowed to give you legal advice.

If you need to sort out child arrangements or need a detailed parenting plan, mediation can take into account the changing needs of all the family as your children grow up.

If you choose to mediate your Divorce or Deed of Separation with us, we’ll ensure you are making your own arrangements suiting your unique circumstances.

• What is best for your children and
• How you can work as separated parents
• How to divide your property and finances
• Affordability of your future plans

It is important to disclose details of what real property and personal assets there are: personal and business capital, liabilities, pensions (future or current), and incomes. We help you gather all this information (in the same format as the Divorce Form E) and help you assess your future needs. We can then draw up an Open Financial Statement (needed in divorce & deed of separation to show your current financial situation) and then start exploring ideas and options.

We do recommend during mediation when it is useful and appropriate to see a solicitor for legal advice.

Once you have agreed on what you want to happen, everything is pulled together in a document called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which details your circumstances, proposals, and provides a financial precis of how things are going to be divided. It also details any reasons for unusual decisions. This MOU, along with the Open Financial Statement together provide the details needed for your divorce or deed of separation to be finalised. We will discuss at which point in your divorce your proposals can be made legally binding.

Agreements made in mediation are acceptable to courts and lawyers.

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