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Forum Mediation is unfortunately unable to take on any new clients at the moment and is working with current clients on Zoom.  To find alternative accredited mediation services check www.familymediationcouncil.org.uk/find-local-mediator/

Mediation is a confidential process designed to help you and your ex find solutions to children, property and financial issues. It is natural to be hesitant about the process but at Forum Mediation we provide an understanding and supportive environment. Research has proved mediation is cost effective, less stressful and faster, with the agreements lasting longer than any imposed by a court. Mediation enables you to control what's going to happen and make decisions at your own pace.

You don't have to be on the best of terms with the other party for the power of mediation to work.

Forum Mediation have accredited mediators with The Law Society, The Family Mediation Council and The College of Mediators. We are legally aware in aspects of family law and can help provide important information. Mediators are professionally not allowed to give legal advice and remain impartial. Although the mediation process itself is not legally binding, the outcome can be converted into a legally binding agreement in a court order if required. Mediation remains voluntary.

Mediation is a serious choice as it is a place to get things sorted as quickly as practical

  • a place to make your own decisions about what’s going to happen
  • a place where no one imposes decisions upon you
  • a place which provides a cost-effective service to ensure conflicts are not prolonged
  • a place where no-one profits from your problems.

For some examples of issues covered in mediation click here.